She rises again

Why does she keep waiting for the moment??

When will she gather the courage??

What is keeping her from taking the first step??

All of these questions are mere questions, a remark on how someone is not being strong enough. A remark on how someone is not brave enough to take a stand but do we ever stop to think that.

Maybe today is the day she takes control.

Maybe today she rises from her ashes and takes her first flight again.

She has become brave. She’s no longer looking for approval. She is no longer looking for validation.

She is now fearless.

Today she rises again.

Oh wait..

Not so long ago, casually having a cup of tea,

With the newspaper in her hand and the morning breeze.

Her loose hair moving and caressing her face.

Oh the sunrise is beautiful like a warm embrace.

It isn’t much different than any other day,

Yet something is telling her it may end in dismay.

She sees him smiling from the distance,

Walking towards her, she thinks..”why does this make me question my existence??”

Hurriedly she starts to tidy up her surroundings.

She doesn’t want to receive another pounding.

He’s getting closer, better fix everything up,

Wouldn’t want to upset him or make him erupt.

He’s so close now, leans in on her.

She can barely breathe, it all seems like a blur.

He whispered in her ear, You deserve this pain.

She’s mortified, of what he’ll do next.

Suddenly she’s awake and it was just a nightmare.

Oh wait, she can hear footsteps. He’s still there…..

Bhavya Mishra

New Sunrise

As she sits alone at the edge of her bed,

Scarred and broken. With a broken heart and a pounding head.

I remember the time when meadows were green and sunlight was abundant.

When there were dreams and aspirations.

Full of hopes and imagination.

The time when smiles were real and eyes used to glimmer.

When days were brighter and at night the stars used to shimmer.

At the lakeside where water touched her feet, where she used to wander.

When the woods invited her, where she surrendered.

Now she struggles to find the meaning of her existence.

She she is trying to survive and prove her presence.

She has stood up against the plethora of hatred.

Now she is trying to claw her way out of this pit.

God has a path for her to rise.

Today is a new dawn, a new sunrise.

Bhavya Mishra


There are certain moments in life when something changes in our soul. It may be something huge or just one tiny little incident that changes our perspective towards life, others and ourselves.

It is a feeling where everything seems different and holds a new meaning. It is an awakening that changes us forever.

Moments like these define our whole being. It is that moment which helps you to understand our purpose, our existence.

We all witness something that holds the potential to be life changing. Not everyone realises what it means. It often goes unnoticed.

For me it didn’t. It didn’t go unnoticed.

Something changed within my soul. Something triggered that change.

I am on a new path. A new understanding .

This is going to take me places. Can’t wait.

Bhavya Mishra


Numerous nights spent wondering,

Where did we go wrong?

When did the flame of passion go out?

Where did that love fade, which was once so strong?

Who let go first?

Was it you or me?

Or was it just fate?

Do we still stand a chance?

Or is it too late?

Numerous nights spent wondering,

Where did we go wrong?

Bhavya Mishra

Stories to tell..

As I toss and turn in my bed with a million thoughts in my head. All of which are fighting to be the one which will keep me up all night. As always I haven’t written in a while. Probably this time it was actually for a good reason.

As I was distant from writing, I got more time for myself. I spent more time reading books. Last couple of months have been blessed with good books and stories. I met new people. Shared stories. Made memories.

Some of those stories will make their appearance here and some will never..(well let’s just say they are not to be shared).

After many failed attempts at being regular and keeping up with my writing schedule(the one I make in my head). I have once again set a goal to write at least twice a week and hopefully 37th time is a charm.

Stay tuned for some crazy, beautiful and some real stories.

Only if..

There she was. Being herself, braving a smile, facing one day at a time.

It was just another day for her, nothing out of the ordinary.

It was just another special day for him. She was there. He could see her smile, not knowing she was hurting behind that smile but he loved just being around her.

He loved how she cursed when she dropped something that happens almost everyday. He loved how she wears oversized clothes and looked even cuter.

He loved how when their eyes met she would smile and look away.

He loved how he sat across the aisle from her everyday and loved her quirks.

Only if he could tell her how he felt.

She was not as alone as she thought.

He was there. Only if he had the courage to confess his love.

She writes what she’ll never say..

She writes what she can never say. Her words on a paper are her feelings which she will never show to the world. Her heart has locked away so much pain, so much anger and so many broken dreams. Why? Because she puts herself last. Her priorities are different than what she dreamt they would be years ago.

She breaths but isn’t living.

She’s surviving but not thriving.

Why? Because she decided to make sure her loved ones fulfill their dreams.

She is living one day at a time. Maybe one day someone will put her first..

Maybe one day she will put herself first..