Why so mad?

There are days when we come across somebody who seems to be irritated and off-putting. We either stay clear of them or just assume that he or she has an attitude problem. We just assume. We avoid them. We avoid their company. We act based on our assumptions.

But why?

Why do we judge someone without even taking a look at the reason behind their behavior. We’re too caught up in our little world that we don’t care about what is bothering the person sitting across the aisle from us. We don’t reach out. We don’t extend a hand of friendship or be a companion. We forget that we have all been in a similar situation before.

Why do we do so?

We all wanted someone to be there for us so why can’t we be that “someone” for somebody who needs it.

We’re too busy to try and understand why someone is so mad?

Next time when you come across someone who is being a pain in the *** for no reason please have some patience. You might make it easy for somebody who is hurting.

Stay blessed people.

Save her..

She is holding on but to what.. she is holding on the last smidge of hope she has that he’ll come around, he’ll see that she’s fading away. She has been patient, hopeful and madly in love for years now but how long can she hold on now. He’s been distant for a long time. His friends, his phone and cricket seem to be more important than her stories about the events that took place at her work. His ignorance is slowly killing her but he’s too egoistic to realize that she’s suffocating.

Why cannot he stand confrontation when she tries?

She’s fading into nothingness. Save her while it is still possible.

Bhavya Mishra (Besabar)