Haridwar diaries..

So.. My College is over and to celebrate this my man planned a one day getaway to Haridwar.. yesssss.. Haridwar again..😁😊

He took me there last year. Those who have read my last post about Haridwar know all about my journey. 

Haridwar is probably the most crowded place i have ever been to  yet it is the most serene place as well. I don’t know why i feel the way i do about it but it just pulls me towards itself.

We began our journey at 6 am in the morning. We took a bus. We reached there at 12 in the noon. It was a horrible bus ride but still worth the trouble. We went to our hotel, got some rest and headed straight to “Har ki Paudi” there was the biggest crowd i had ever seen. We took a dip and stayed there for a couple of hours. All drenched up, we started roaming the ghat. So many people from all around. 

We went back to our hotel and got all dressed up and then headed to explore the local market. We bought a lot of stuff and indulged in all things yummmm… 

My favorite was “Thandai”. I think i had two or three glasses.. 

We stayed out till it got dark and then had dinner and went back to our hotel. The next morning after checking out from the hotel we once again went to “Har ki Paudi” and again stayed there for three hours. Just staring at the water. The flowing water that washes away the sins, pain and guilt. The water that carries away the ashes and sets the soul free. I saw many people there, doing Asthi visarjan, freeing their loved ones from the bonds and sending their last part to become one with the almighty.

When it was the time of the Sandhya Aarti.. it became even more crowded than i had imagined. So many people i could barely stand still

But the Aarti was so beautiful. 

Everytime i go to Haridwar, i come back calm and content. I hope i get to go there again.. soon..