You’re here..

All those years.. spent over phone..

All those years that we felt alone..

All those lonely nights and days..

Worth the wait.. now that you’re here



Let’s colab..

For all the colabs that were meant to happen and got delayed for some reason or the other, let’s turn on the writer mode and get to work. 

For the random writers like me who would like to write something as a team.

Instagram- pen_and_a_camera

Text me and we will try to make something that is nothing like anything else. 

And the surname has changed

For those who are close to me already know this and those who don’t know yet.. well.. let’s change that. 

So Yessssss I got Married to the LOVE OF MY LIFE on 1st of November and it has been an adventure.  I have been really busy for last few months and could hardly make time for reading or writing.. Moved into a new place.. Got a new job. Got married and embarked a beautiful journey..

Everything is changing and it is all happening so fast.. I am gonna need all the love and blessings from my WordPress Fam.. 

My surname has changed now.. so Bhavya Mishra is now Bhavya Khanna.. ❤

Here’s a snap..The new Mr. and Mrs. Khanna.. 

That Morning…..

She kept the pendant safe and sound after 12 years. High school and the high school love was long gone but the memories still haunt her. She never could let go. She takes on one day at a time and hopes to survive without crashing and burning. Today started off as any other day, usual routine. Black coffee on her balcony with wind swiping tresses off her face. She wore her favorite bunny shorts and the most comfortable Tee she has..As she took the last sip she spilled a little bit of coffee on herserlf as she could hardly believe what she was seeing.. Right next to hers was an empty apartment..Has been empty for a while. Guess who moved in Right next door, He did..

After 12 years. After all this while when she had been trying to forget and move on. Here he is. Again.. 

She went back in as quickly as she could, before he could spot her. How on earth could this happen? How is it possible that they end up next door to each other.. she swore never to see face again but fate seems to have a different plan. 

Only God knows what the future holds now..

To be continued….

When i ran into you.  

The warmth of your single touch..

still sends chills down my spine..

that day when i ran into you..

Still crosses my mind…

You held my hand just like the old times..

Baby you smiled like it was the first time.. 

Your lips didn’t say what you texted me later.. 

Your eyes.. they betrayed you.. 

and i know.. forever..

I had it all..when i had you.. 

I could have been a better man..

Mistakes were made and egos clashed..

Things could have been a different way..

If i had  changed myself..

I know we had a shot.. 

I know it was my fault..

I promise to make it upto you.. 

If you can give me just one chance..

That day when i ran into you..

The best day i ever had..

P.S. I wrote this when a friend poured his heart out in front of me about the Love of his life.. Prayers and wishes for him so that he can win her love back.. 


Dear people of the world,

How often do we look back? Probably once in a while.. probably never.. we have always been taught never to look back.. what’s past is past. But do we realise it is our past that has shaped us into the person we are now. Good or bad..whatever has happened has led us to the present us. Probably the real us. A handful of people know who we really are and for some maybe just a couple but most of us have no one who really understands us. To be harshly honest there aren’t many people who truly understand who they really are..

  We are mere mortals

If you ask me(which you shouldn’t as it will lead you to a darn messed up answer) we are mere mortals. Ordinary people with the potential of doing something extra ordinary. And it is our life’s events which persuade us to do stuff.. good or bad.. some events are worth mulling over. Some aren’t. It is upto us to make sure which thoughts enter our minds and we let them stay(you know.. for mulling over). It is upto us to decide how to react and then act as things aren’t always crystal clear. Life isn’t always fair and you might not always have someone there for you to help you out or maybe even hear you out.

 Be prepared for every damn thing..  whether you have anyone or not.. who knows what kind of curveball is waiting to make you cringe.. 

Goodluck fam.. 

Hope you all are great..

See you again.. soon..